Tuesday, August 30, 2011

龙的传人 Powerful Mooncakes?

Our family friend flew in from Indonesia over the Hari Raya Puasa week. Since their three maids are on leave over this period, he and his wife are totally GG by their little Prince and Princess.

He brought along this gift, the mooncakes with the funniest name on earth. 龙的传人. Heir of the Dragon. I kid you not.

Gain power with these mooncakes!!!

As a side story to those of you who are new to Chinese culture, mooncakes are cakes usually baked with a  lotus paste filling and consumed during the Mid-Autumn Festival (this year, I will be celebrating it mid-flight, flying home from Hanoi, Vietnam), which is a festival associated with the Goddess on the moon, Chang -e. They were also historically used by the Han Chinese as a means of passing encoded messages on a planned revolt on 15th August (Lunar)  against the ruling Mongols during the Yuan Dynasty.

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