Thursday, July 22, 2010

I cheated... by buying the plant this time

I nearly starved my family with my harvest of a puny little radish (smallest than my little finger's digit), yes, and that was after I had nine little plants, which almost all perished after Mutter's well-intentioned transplantation.

So this time, after we had dinner at our favourite pho restaurant in Holland Ville, we did a lap around Cold Storage (once I came across my fav cheap wine *actually not alcoholic enough to be called wine, methinks*, selling at S$5 a bottle). I saw that they were selling lemon basil plants, which leaves were used in the pho.

I was so tempted... I bought it. After my mother transplanted it (well, I was too lazy, and happy to leave it in the pot instead of risking its life) into my sad ice-cream tub plot, it's now growing like crazy, after sulking for a few days after the transplantation and looking like it was going to "up lorry".

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