Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baidu not a search engine but BBQ?

I was telling my friend that there are a lot of steamboat places near the course centre.

To celebrate our passing the course on our first try (I am in a super sunshine mood), I recommended the interestingly named 百度烤肉 Baidu BBQ. We usually associate Baidu with the No 1 Search Engine in China (I support Sogou when it comes to Chinese search engines, haha).

But BBQ?

The variety is wide (despite the thawed meat), even the condiments, which we had many options to mix our own sauces and marinates. I made a mistake and mixed vinegar (which I mistook for light soya sauce) with garlic and sugar to marinate the thin pork slices. But it was fun to BBQ and steamboat at the same time. We ate for hours and stank up the bus after that.
Updated!!! So sad the place closed down.

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