Saturday, July 3, 2010

Maradona gets to keep his clothes on

Well... all I can say so far now is Paul the Octopus is my hero...

I wasn't sure whether I should bet on who to win this match, as I like Maradona and I love the German team (for the last 12 years since World Cup 1998). I was hesitant then I decided to check on what my eight-legged Orakle would say. It decided Germany would win.

And so I decided to bet on the Octopus. I wanted to buy S$10 but when I got to the SingaporePools, I was afraid I might become takoyaki. So I bought S$5. Perhaps it's because the Orakle has spoken but Germany actually won, and Argentina's only vaguely successful attempt was a offside. Clumsy Neuer actually managed to catch the half-hearted attempts by the Argentine. And while Germany guarded their goal like a jealous wife, they were still determined to crush the hopes of Maradona for good. I personally thought it would have been nice to at least let the Argentine get one goal in, but it was not meant to be.

I had mentioned to my friend that Argentine is only good at attacking and trash at defending. And I was proven correct. They will win against teams that are not as good as them in passing (though they were showing signs that they were not that good last match) and crush their morale by sinking many goals. But against the Germans who have always provided solid defence and have been much more creative in scoring nowadays... Sigh, poor Maradona. Pele is going to have a field day.

My friend reminded me about the New Paper's football prognosticator Parakeet which works hard everyday as a fortune teller. So far it has predicted 3 of the World Cup semi-finalists correctly. He said the bird was more brilliant than Paul.

Germany, Holland (this is where I was laughing with disbelief several days ago), Uruguay and Spain
After 4am tomorrow morning, we will see if the ole bird is right. Check out this space...

Mani the bird is right! 4 out of 4.

Did anyone notice Merkle during the Germany vs Argentina match? Everytime the Germans get the goal in, they focus the camera on Merkle who was obviously there as a supportive Grandma figure, who doesn't know what is going on, but wants to show her love anyway. The shot on her after the first goal was the funniest. Perhaps it was because of the embarrassing Lampard shot that was mistakenly thought as offside (and she apologised to Cameron), she was hesitant to cheer. She looked around the grand stand then confirmed "hmm ok, it's safe to cheer," then cheered. The German team certainly kept her busy, making her run back to her seat to show her happy face everytime they scored. Otherwise she was walking elsewhere (not sure where) and blocking the camera on Charlize Theron. =D

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