Saturday, July 24, 2010

Miss Saigon - Eh...not very hygienic nor very nice

Since we were in the area attending the food preparation course, we decided to pop over to Miss Saigon for our lunch break.

We ordered spicy chicken wings and pho.

The chicken wings were nothing special, not sure where the spice was. The accompanying sauce was watered down. As for the pho, we distinctly told the waiter we did not want bean sprouts and the guy went back, and came out bearing basil leaves, lime slices and ... bean sprouts. We reminded him we did not want bean sprouts and he took the dish back, and did not bring back basil leaves (which we like), but limes only. The pho ingredients are sad, compared to my fav place in Holland Ville.

Don't think I will ever go back there again.

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