Saturday, July 24, 2010

4分300块, 6分400快 (4 points S$300, 6 points S$400)

In case you were wondering if I had gone mental, this is my Food Hygiene course instructor's 口头禅 (pet phrase). He is referring to the revised penalties imposed on food preparation staff for bad hygiene practices.

My friend and I had to take a typhoid jab and this course before we could get a food preparation licence (keep reading this space to find out more on what we are planning to do later!!!). It is a 8 hour long course *faint* and we only found out when we arrived there for registration that we had to take a 49 question MCQ, an oral test and a hands-on test where we had to prepare a simple lettuce sandwich for sale. Very fun!

In fact, the entire day passed quickly and entertainingly. I have to say for all my years of education, this was the most fun day I ever had learning. The best part of the entire session? We got our certs at the end of the day after the tests!

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