Thursday, July 1, 2010

原上海生煎包 - Shilin Night Market Eats

We chanced upon this shop the first time we went to Shilin Night Market. We did not have a good experience there, because it was so crowded. Shop contents spilled into the narrow streets, which were further encamped by illegal hawker stalls. The market was stifling, stuffy and hot. I noticed that this shop had a super long queue. I was eager to get away instead of waiting patiently to buy some potentially delicious buns.

Fortunately I had to run an errand that necessitated us to return to Shilin. This time the ground was still wet from the heavy rain in the afternoon, and the hawkers were slowly returning to set up their wares, and the crowds were thin. We were happily walking along the street when we came upon 原上海生煎包 again.

Miraculously, there was no queue. I rushed to buy a bun, just to try the flavour. There were two flavours, cabbage and meat, at the wonderful price of NT10 (~S$0.50) each. The lady was friendly even though I took my time deciding. The bun was terribly hot, but the skin broke away easily, releasing heat and earthly meat scents at the tear. It tasted even better, the skin was not tough, but QQ with the right amount of chew and moist. The meat was flavoursome and sweet.

I ran back to the shop to buy 8 more buns (for two persons)...

You can read about the shop and other interesting articles at 原上海生煎包's website

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