Thursday, July 22, 2010

Great News - Burger Stacko is in Android Market!!!

I have finally taken the plunge, and published my Burger Stacko game in the Android Market. Yes, I know it is a very dumb game, but it's simple and great for whiling away your commute.

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Well, it's finally in the market, after I allowed users to download it off the device. While I am ok with people doing that (and then laughing at my app for its simplicity * I am a simple programmer *), it's rather like Hobson's choice isn't it? Giving you the option, then when you use it, your app doesn't appear... or is that problem limited to developer phones?

I saw some of the comments which are constructive and kind, and now I am tempted to build onto the game earlier than I thought. I was going to come back and build on it later, and start on my educational game first, but now I am thinking of adding the random stages to Burger Stacko now!

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