Friday, July 9, 2010

Jang Shou Charcoal BBQ for me birthday

I really have a thing for Korean BBQ, I think.

Last year, the team treated me to the Hyang To Gol, which was a terrible and expensive experience. This year, when asked where to for my birthday dinner, I suggested my favourite Korean BBQ restaurant in Singapore, Jang Shou at the Esplanade.

As usual, Jang shou did not disappoint us with their excellent service and experience. I was also pleased to note that it was crowded yesterday. When I got home and realised I had hits on the blog for the article I wrote on the Korean BBQ restaurants in Singapore, I was starting to wonder if I have to place reservations earlier for my favourite restaurant next time. Haha.

Note to point: The lady who served us was fantastic. She asked if we wanted to dump rice into out Kimchi casserole, at the end of our meal, to make kimchi rice from the dregs in the pot. The guys were game, and the lady was even thoughtful enough to get more kimchi for free and cut it into the rice to have an added bite.

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