Friday, July 10, 2009

Hyang To Gol - a Korean Experience Disaster

The team celebrated my birthday lunch at a Korean BBQ restaurant, Hyang To Gol, at Amara Hotel yesterday.

Don't go there, it sucks. On my list of fave Korean restaurants, it ranks the second lowest, just above the west branch of Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal (opp Haw Par Villa) ith the very crappy service. I don't care what other online reviews say about the latter. The service was atrocious, the waiters were vicious in a very polite way.

Anyway Hyang To Gol was terrible in its own unique way. The staff took shortcuts while cooking the meat. Who cooks short ribs (which needs more time to cook) with thin slices of spicy pork belly? One is going to end up, at best just cooked with no nice BBQ flavor, while the other, burnt to a crisp (see last photo). And if you want additional kimchi or veggies to accompany the meat? No free kimchi, and the veggies come in S$6 a basket.

Pathetic. Service was abysmal. They were much more on-the-ball to the table of pehpehs next to us, even though we spent equivalent amounts of $$ (perhaps lesser, now to think of it, because we didn't drink ourselves to death).

Kimchi, hit and miss. The jellyfish had too much vinegar,the Memil Muk-muchim (Buckwheat jelly) much too soft. Fishcake tasted like it came from a factory.

All in all. 2 out of 5, considering the price. They already lost me when I had to pay for additional kimchi. Considering that they set out 2 servings for 5 persons.

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