Friday, July 31, 2009

Icing Room

What's a fun way to pass a lazy afternoon? Decorate a cake in the middle of a crowded shopping mall.

An iced sponge cake PLUS

Some colored icing and biscuit flowers EQUAL

The Icing Room, another new venture by Breadtalk Group Pte Ltd, allows you to DIY decorate iced sponge cakes. Prices differ according to sizes, for example, 4" for S$11.80 (such as displayed).

Tasting was a relatively positive experience. One bite of the brick-like fruit cocktail layer, and a brain-frozen me could immediately tell how long the cake has been stored in the freezer. Yet the sponge itself remained a perfect light, crumbly mass. I refuse to grade the cream, because I am sure it was softened because it sweated for some time in the open while we arrayed its front with cute biscuit flowers, and equally colorful icing, and not because it was that excellent in the first place.

#B1 -105 Jurong Point

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