Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Do not watch 絶対彼氏 ZETTAI KARESHI (Absolute Boyfriend) SPECIAL!!!

I am severely disillusioned by the Special.

The magic of the original ten episodes is that as usual the Japanese sucks you into their "weird Japanese logic" vortex. This was concluded by both Retriever and I after I made him watch infinite number of shows (esp during the slow US of A summers).

The beauty of the Absolute Boyfriend is that viewers, esp women, are suckered into the emotional scenes of the growing love between the robot and his human girlfriend. Plus the fact that the show has funny scenes are an especial boon. I love the parts where he keeps saving her, loving her, and supporting her. And then, he develops an ego, which enables him to really appreciate the love he has for her, as opposed to being programmed to do so.

Such beauty. It makes you feel like Night becomes human, and then when he "dies", it is so damn sad and melancholic. But lovely (see this is what I mean by the vortex. The actors and events explain the love between robot and human and make it seem possible).

And then there is that bloody Special.

Basically it is supposed to be a side plot about the "evil" (but pretty) scientist, Dr Kamiya and her boyfriend. But the writers and producers chose to restart the entire process of a blur cock Night introducing himself to his "new" girlfriend again because he cannot remember her, to actually remembering her. And then the stupid robots decided to explain that love between human and robot is IMPOSSIBLE, rendering the first ten episodes as redundant and slapping the viewer in the face for being stupid for watching them in the first place.

And then Night decides to kill himself. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

Can't he like, ask Narikimi to wipe out his memory, and/or make him the waiter at the new Asamoto eatery or something? Instead of scrapping him?

We know the damn love between robot and human is impossible. We don't need some Japanese producer pointing out the obvious after duping us into believing in the impossible. The nearly 2 hour long movie's like a totally lame attempt at explaining the weird Japanese logic, which totally destroys the magic.

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