Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Colbar - Nostalgic Colonial Bar

Had lunch at Colbar yesterday. Finally found it after its famous brick-by-brick move in 2003 (due to the new expressway) when my vendor and I got lost while looking for our destination.

We travelled down to the place after training with our trainers and my colleague. It was very peaceful, nostalgic, very still (with only the drone of the overhead fans). We sat outside, where everyone was. Because we were going back to work, we weren't able to order any of its beers with their intriguing labels.

Instead, my colleague and I ordered milkshakes (S$4), which came in very sad looking short glasses. My vendor and trainers fared better, because they ordered cans of soft drinks, which was accompanied by the same sad looking glasses. Anyway for the meal we ordered:

Chicken soup (S$3)
Mushroom soup (S$3)
Gammon steak, tomato, chips and eggs (~S$15)
Pork chop, mushrooms and chips (~S$10)

Considering how inaccessible the place is (191 is the only bus you can take and you have to walk up the slope), and supposedly famous it is, the food is pretty bad for the prices we were paying. The soups were watered down Campbells. The food portions were good, very big. I liked the chips, very British, but they were rather cold and my girl friend thought that they were hard. The ambience was not bad, I have to give to them. The aunties are pretty friendly and the waiters are very courteous.

[source: thehungrycow.blogspot.com]

Anyway if you want to experience a slice of the colonial life, its new address is:
9A Whitchurch Road, Wessex Estate, 138839 Singapore, Singapore
Tel Number: 6779 4859

You can turn off AYE into Portsdown Road exit. Go into Portsdown Road after going past Ayer Rajah camp, and turn right at the first bus stop. It is somewhere up a slope, hidden behind a restaurant.

PS: I have no idea why there is a weighing machine there. Could it be that they feed you according to your proportions? hahaha.

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