Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Total Eclipse of my Heart. Not

Stupid rain and storm clouds all over Mushroom Land this morning has totally destroyed our chances of seeing the 6 minutes of solar eclipse. I don't even know if the darkness experienced this morning was due to the eclipse or due to the extraordinary turn of the weather (confession: was sleeping on the bus during said precious moment. I doubted that my bosses would appreciate the eclipse as much as I would have). After all that blistering heat of the last few weeks, now the stupid skies decided to open up?

To which I would like to say, Was zum Teufel???? Anyway to assuage our disapointment, here's a shot of a partially elipsed sun as taken from Manila's bay, Philippines. I think the source, National Geographic is a bit salah. The title said that the photo was taken in Indonesia, while the accompanying text said it was taken at Phillipines. Whatever. Especially since I saw from another source, that affirmed it was the latter. Congratulations, Phillipines, at least you got to see more than we did. =D

[source: National Geographic]

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