Friday, July 10, 2009

Home Brewing Mushroom Land style

I started borrowing books on brewing home beers. Perhaps in the vain hope someone would hire me as his beer brewer. IT pays badly.

So B1 is reading my books now as I am doing my mass 24 blogs, and he tells me that we need a licence from Mushroom Land Customs???? First of all, why Customs?

A visit to the website says that we don't need a licence to do home brews if:
n individual shall comply with the following conditions:

- The individual shall be 18 years old and above;

- The manufacture of liquor shall be by fermentation and not by distillation;

- The amount of liquor manufactured shall not exceed -

(i) in relation to beer, 30 litres per household of the person per month; and

(ii) in relation to any other fermented liquor, 30 litres in total of all such liquors per household of the person per month.

The liquor manufactured shall be for personal use and is not for sale; and

The manufacturing activities shall not create a nuisance to the public or degrade the environment.

The above conditions are specified in the Customs (Home-Brewing of Fermented Liquors)(Exemption) Order 2008 which was enacted to enable an individual to home brew beer and other fermented liquors without the need to apply for a license.

But if you want to start a microbrewery? Yes, you need a manufacturing licence.

I found this FAQ from the site very lame and very funny:
Q: Do I have to inform Singapore Customs each time I home-brew beer or other fermented liquors?
A: No.

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