Friday, July 10, 2009

Sakuraya Fish Mart Sashimi

Guess what?

I am blogging in the library. Somehow I always end up in the library on my birthday. What the hell?

Just in case, you were wondering, I had no intentions to do so this year. But after finishing the most excellent Ice Age 3, we discovered it is raining.

So I am sulking here. I will now include the shots of the Sakuraya Fish Market I visited with the guys last Sunday during our bizarre attempt in cycling on a rainy day. We didn't and so we were at Parkway where saw some interesting shops.

The guys didn't want to eat sashimi and I was so intrigued by it that I went to its The Village Center branch to eat. Btw, I don't eat any old dead fish. I will only eat those that I think have stds, like the Izakaya at Cuppage Plaza.

Anyway Sakuraya's service was a hit and miss. 3 waitresses and at least 6 kitchen staff. 2 waitresses were atrocious, had to remind them 4 times to get me my gohan. The other waitress was ok, quite responsive and took the initiative.. to also turn me into ochazuke when she dashed away from the next table, tripped, tipped her tea pot on me.

Sashimi wise, think the prices are higher at Village Centre than Parkway Parade. The meat color is not bad, looks reasonably fresh. But they cut the meat thicker than the usual way, as thick as Wasabi Tei, thinner than Shokudo. You should request that they cut the meat slightly thinner.

Suspect the spicy salmon belly was tampered with MSG, my tongue swelled after dinner.

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