Monday, June 29, 2009

How I went bust in KL and ate more KL Hawker food

*Yeah! Exceeded my goal of 30 entries this month*

I had changed RM726 and brought along some extra cash left spare from an earlier trip to JB. Feeling overconfident that I would not exceed my budget, I left without bringing spare SGD.

Big mistake. First of all, I spent most of my dough on books (yes, I don't know why either. Esp since they were CHINESE books, which I usually rather suck on a grenade and implode before I would read any from the library), a pair of shoes, several shirts for my jolly men (you guys can choose the ones you want on Friday, so remember to show up!!!), local goodies, several souvenirs for my office harem, seriously, where did the money go???

Anyway the thing is that I was down to my last RM150 on my third day (of a four day trip), therefore was starting to sweat, so to ease the pressure on my wallet, we had dinner at A&W, WHERE A FUCKING TRAINEE CHEATED ME OF RM50. I was very sure, I gave her RM100 and 2.10 in coins. The bitch gave me back only RM40.05. Since the meal was RM12.05, I was convinced she took my additional change of RM50.

She was adamant that I gave her RM50 (stupid me had handed her the note, before I started looking for the coins), and she refused to open the till to check. She just glanced at the bill and said "you gave me RM50". Of course, she would say that, any idiot can read a bill. I was furious, and doubly furious because she reminded me of a bloody fucking vendor who came from the same country and gave me the same attitude only three days earlier. Why that little *^$#?!

So anyway, long story short, I was broke. So I ended up consuming soya bean milk and fried kuay tiao from Petaling Street. (What is with the fascination with sweet black soya sauce??). Btw it tasted horrible. Certainly not helped by our getting lost while looking for the bus. After 2 hours, sweating in a plastic sheet and newspaper, everything will taste nasty. My fellow tripper said that her hokkien noodles (the sweet black soya sauce kind *again*) tasted much better. Great source of empathy, that one.

Petaling Street thereabouts

The stall selling both Hokkien noodles and kway tiao

My greasy kuay tiao

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