Monday, June 29, 2009

Crabs at a KL hawker center

We went to Alor Street since it was near our hotel, but we wound up eating at my favorite unhygenic hawker centre, which I came across with B1 and another friend, nearly seven years ago. When I visited the place four years ago with my mother (but without buying anything), the particular hawker, an old man dressed in a singlet and cooks the most mouthwatering lala clams in sweet and spicy sauce (which I have yet to recreate), whose stall we had patronised every day of our visit three years earlier was still there.

He was not there now.

Initially I was not sure if we had gone there too early, but since we ate until 10pm and he still hadn't shown up, I guess he must have retired or gone to where all good hawkers go.

So we ended up eating at two new stalls at the end of the hawker centre. One selling primarily seafood, the other selling the complementary noodles and veggies.

Directions: Coming out of Coronade Hotel, you turn right into a smaller lane. It is along the smaller lane. The stalls are at the other end of the hawker centre.

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