Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Chinese Food @ Seng Kee Siew Yoke Meen and Claypot Lou Shu Fan

I was frantically reading KL food blogs up to one day before leaving.

I read that the Lou Shu Fan noodles at this establishment, Seng Kee Siew Yoke Meen and Claypot Lou Shu Fan (Mouse or Rat Tail Noodles) is particularly excellent.

FYI, It's located at Jalan Sultan, Petaling Street. To get there just take a left immediately after Nando’s when you are heading towards Petaling Street (Jalan Sultan) – just keep heading straight and Seng Kee will be near the end on your right. Reference: Nibblezware does KL.

But I digress.

We had a fun time looking for it despite the directions given as above. First of all, we could not find Nando's. Second of all, we could not remember the name, as I had not brought along the namelist that accompanies the map. So we spent more than half an hour wandering around the roads circumferencing Petaling Street.

And we finally found it. Diners, please check your OCD and all ideals of cleaniness, health-consciousness and hygiene at the door together with the two young chefs frying meats at high fire and speed. Sorry to all Muslim friends out there, but seriously, by the second day, we were both craving for piggie meat. And Seng Kee did not disappoint.

We ordered Marmite chicken (not very special), Stir Fried Small Intestines (clockwise from left to right). The pièce de résistance, Lou Shu Fan is not in this photo.

The small intestines were cut in precise patterns so that they would not curl up again, before fried in lard, lots of garlic slices, dried shrimp, fresh green and red chilies. Condiment-wise, I think I tasted a hint of fish sauce, sugar, soya sauce. Definitely contained MSG. Pretty excellent.

Stir-fried mixed veggies. Nothing special. Nothing I'd ordered, but I felt bad for making most of the choices, so I asked my friend to choose the veggie.

Finally, the pièce de résistance, served in a claypot, with a raw egg on top. It was stir-fried with sweet black soya sauce, some soya sauce, MSG, minced meat, liver, shitake, and prawns at high heat.

Everything came out to be RM54. Rather expensive for such a simple meal.

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