Monday, June 15, 2009

Smart Design? Supid Design? You decide

As usual I was sweating in front of my pc yesterday, thanks to the bloody weather we have been suffering. Do not backpack in Singapore without the aid of an aircon. You have been warned. I have been thinking evil thoughts towards various friends and colleagues who have been chilling in Oz, while I die a little inside from this heat.

But I digress.

As I continued to melt... a thought crossed my mind. Why don't I make some ice lollies? Instead of dumping ineffectual ice cubes in my water, which disappear in less than 3 minutes, I could have a lovely artificially sweetened ice pop... just like the ones I used to buy in the old mama shop downstairs at S$0.10 a pop.

So today I fantasized all day about my ice lolly, and bought me a set of three adorable popsicle containers from Daiso (I had seen them a month ago, during my previous Daiso trip, remember? And stupidly didn't buy. Now I could only find one set. Everyone has the same idea *winks*). Rushed home, but was defeated by the heat from going out to return my books and buy some orange cordial or Ribena, and so ended up making real orange juice pops.

Can someone guess the reason for the unique design?

Smart little bunnies will know that the even smarter Japanese bunnies designed the containers so that the pop will melt into the holder, and you can alternate between sucking the juice out from the bottom of the container with the little straw-like sprout and licking the lolly. Yet such simple brilliance from the people of the one red dot. I am easily impressed.

Yum. =d

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