Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dempsey again??? Food Review of White Rabbit

We were greeted by a young nubile hostess who led us to our table. Next to the service counter. Despite my placing a reservation beforehand.

I was rather annoyed, especially since any private conversation was interrupted by the staff busing around us. They were friendly yet professional, and handled us with a suitable amount of deference without seeming patronising.

"Would Madam prefer Sparkling or Still water?" Doesn't matter. Just give me a lot of it. I needed massive amounts of H2O. Why?

The Shallot Tartin starter? Terribly sweet, it became overwhelming with every bite. The goat cheese was a bad companion for it. Couldn't smell more strongly of goat than if ole Billy came and pissed on my plate. Why put two strong tasting products together on the same plate? No contrast in texture. I finished the dish with much difficulty, casting aside the cheese.

[original pic source: The White Rabbit is fortunate I did not have my camera with me today.]

After my dining misadventure at PS Cafe last Sunday, I decided to play safe and chose the braised seabass with Matsutake broth over the other fish dish which had "apple gelee". No more dessert on the main for me.

First taste. Salt.

Too much. Perhaps because I prefer delicate flavors and freshness over flavored foods, (esp at the obstensibly atas-looking establishments) but the broth tasted as if they siphoned the Dead Sea. The portion? I thought the PS cafe portion was reasonable. This one was unreasonable.

A few pretty carrot slices, some sticks of radish, two miserable slices of sea bass (which was SALTED before fried lightly. Why??), and two even thinner slices of matsutake mushrooms soaking up the Dead Sea that was in my bowl.

The F's dishes were lesser disasters. His main, a medium steak was dressed with lightly fried foie gras (which melted decadently in our mouths), and some shreds of black truffle.

I was extremely grateful to the waitress who took pity on my distress and poured me two massive glasses of water (FOC, hahah), which I hastily gulped down, like a man trapped in a desert hoovering that single refreshing sip of water. At the end of the meal, the hostess came over and asked us politely what we thought of the meal. I refused to say a thing, since our indelicate inhaling of the food (so that we can get over the misery) should speak volumes enough already.

Even now, my tongue is stinging.

Total Bill
Panna 75 -------------- S$10 (branded "still" water from S. Pellegrino)
Shallot Tartin --------- S$17
Escargot Ravioli ------ S$19
Braised SeaBass ------ S$29
Tournedos Rossini --- S$45
Dark Rum ------------- S$12

Plus tax, coming to S$155.35.

Would I go back there? Maybe for the excellent service from attentive staff (perhaps an advantage of practically sitting at the service counter) and ambience, which women are suckers for (I looked around, the clientele are mostly women). But the food doesn't justify the prices.

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