Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sights @ Dempsey 4 - PS Cafe

At the end of the Dempsey Hill expedition, we ended up eating at PS Cafe on the strength of She Bakes & She Cooks's effusive entry on the place. She didn't do so badly on her Jones the Grocer recommendation (we went last Christmas eve breakfast) but damn, she really screwed up on this one, though I realise that she went there for sunday brunch on both occasions.

We all gapped when we saw the menus, and when we literally, saw the writing (S$47 for some steak, I think) on the wall *lol*. Our mains ranged conservatively from S$22 to S$28. We looked around the place and noted the relative affluent looks of the other diners. Speaking of which, we were thinking that the combined income of all of our five families would not even reach that of the very rich-looking family sitting across from us. How do we know they are rich, you ask? Well, normally the aunties and ah Mas we are familiar with speak mandarin or dialect. These speak bloody Queen's English.

We were put off by the high prices, so we chose to share only one Truffle fries (unlike our usual greedy won). Turned out luckily we did so, because a mountain of crisp fries drenched in Truffle oil and Parmesan bits came to the table. Still, we finished it with no trouble, as well as...

Moussaka (eh....forgot to taste)

Potage (3.5 stars out of 5, hearty)

Fish Foil Basket (4 star out of 5, I would have ordered this, but for the prawns)

Unimaginative but filling Penne (3 stars out of 5, looks like stir-fry)

My Imaginative, but non-filling and terrible Coconut crusted fish (2.8 stars out of 5, couldn't find the coconut, unless they meant that deepfried oily splatter on top of the stack. And the Sweet Potato Vanilla Mash... should dessert be on the same plate?)

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