Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nakhon Kitchen - Thai Food in the Heartlands

Came across this restaurant in last week's issue of 8 Days (it was raining so I bought a copy to wait out the boredom), so decided to try it out since Mutter wanted to give me a birthday treat. After a short wait for a table where we saved time by selecting what we wanted to eat, we were presented with our orders fairly quickly. While the food was cheap, the service was fast but rather bad, as they served our order of mango salad to another table and their seafood salad to us. Strangely that other table did not raise any concerns (God knows if they had already partaken of the dish), but Mutter was rather grossed out by the "raw-look" of that salad and I didn't eat prawns so we asked for our dish. To our surprise, the waiter immediately swapped dishes with the other table... EWWWWW.

I did not like the beef fried with garlic, the meat has been artificially tenderized too much while not cooked thoroughly with the very salty gravy. Veggies were ok, pad thai was oily without the "wok heat" taste that one usually gets from quality Asian dishes cooked at high heat. Fried boneless chicken was excellent and juicy. The green curry is unimaginative and predicable and the pineapple rice was plentiful but ordinary. I refuse to grade the mango salad. God knows how much saliva from the other table was it marinated with...

In a nutshell:

Nakhon Kitchen
#01-341 Hougang St 21 Blk 212
Tel: 65-62868785
Food quality: ok, the kind you get at most Thai food places
Service: Ewww, unhygenic but fast
Price: Very good

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