Sunday, July 18, 2010

Burger Stacko in Beta Testing as of Today!

Hi Everyone, I am so pleased to announce that I have finally summoned the remainder of my brain cells and completed the coding for Burger Stacko (you know the original long sad story of how I lost my hard disk, and backed up the wrong Eclipse workspace, thus losing my entire working copy)?

As of today, Burger Stacko is in Beta Testing mode!!! So far it has been 3 hours, and my team of hardworking friends armed with their Android phones are still helping me break my game. Too bad about the shit graphics, but it cannot be helped. These images, drawn in Microsoft Paint (and a mouse) are from my initial Flash game built in 2005.

I am thinking of setting up a team of app breakers. I have a G1 Developer (upgraded to OS 1.6), and my friends have Samsung Galaxy (1.5) and Milestone (2.1) respectively. Would love to find a Droid X owner using Froyo if possible. Interested parties, please contact nibblezware @ Thanks!

On another note, according to my friend, Google has come up with a Interface Builder, which helps speed up Android App building. Checking on Google Labs has revealed that it is called App Inventor. It is not for general release yet, but you can ask for an invite. Speaking of which, I still haven't gotten my Google TV invite... Sigh. What is App Inventor you may ask? Think Micro$oft Popfly, but significantly higher survival rate because it is owned by Google.

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