Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hacker Factor's Gender Guesser

B1 sent me this just now. We were trying to verify the gender of the latest sensational blogger, and how else to better analyse it than by running it through an algorithm?! ^^

Herein enters Gender Guesser. The second generation method for deciphering gender from text, by weighing word frequencies and speech patterns. However it is not failproof, because it's biased towards American English.

I tried this on one of my blog entries. I got a weak Female... Haha. But then again, I used British Englisch. I am feeling pretty butch about it. ^^

I hate this thing. It can't make up its mind. Sometimes I am male, weak female, female or weak male. My writing style cannot be that inconsistent until like that right? Someone try it, and tell me whether it works properly.

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