Saturday, December 25, 2010

The other Girl Gamer

We were talking that day in the office about computer games. I was telling the guys the same thing that I mentioned here some days ago about how it was better to play as a dude. Because people harrass girls online, especially in a game where most of the players are dudes. 

Then Handsome Dragon admitted that he took advantage of that fact. In some game which I shall not disclose, he used a very cute girl avatar and then he remarked "I cannot understand why people will just give me free stuff for no reason, or help me slay dragons without me asking". 

I wonder why too -.-"

I asked him what is the name of his avatar, he replied "Baby [something]".


He said there was one time he let his avatar lie down on the grass (when asked why, he said he wanted to suntan), he said he (meaning his physical self) left for the loo. When he came back, there was a male avatar doing push ups on her...

Terrible. B1 is another wicked one. He is playing some poker game on iPhone, using some girl we photographed at the AFA 2010 and my name. Even though I don't like exposing my face or name, I sure as hell don't like him using my name and someone else's pic. o.O" After I got mad, he used another name and photo *roll eyes*.

He'd been getting free stuff, like chips and briefcases. Now his colleagues have cottoned on, and all of them  (males, every last one of them) are female on this stupid game too. Taking advantage of other men's vulnerabilities *shake head*.

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