Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fungi Fun at Mycofarm

I last visited Mycofarm when I was 11 years old. About 18 years later, armed with a street directory, and not much sense, B1 and I tried to locate the farm which is located in the very ulu Seletar West Farmway 5.

Intimidated by all the foreign workers' dormitories and all the misleading roads, we got lost  turning too early into Seletar Farmway 1, then worse, instead of continuing down Farmway 4 which would have led directly to Farmway 5, we turned right and drove the long route down Farmway 6 where some Chinese people were burning offerings to their ascendants, and past MORE workers' dormitories, and finally a animal resort?!

The lady manning the retail shop was super professional, and she did give us an impromptu visit to one of the bunkers where they were growing the shitake mushrooms. Probably because the two of us were more engrossed in taking photos of the mushrooms, she ended the tour quickly and got us to buy 3 of the 4 variants they were growing.  She even convinced us to buy some frozen lo mai kai (using the abalone mushrooms, which she pronounced "taste like chicken"). Don't buy the willow shrooms, I had a hard time cooking them. I finally realised that tempura is the only way to get rid of them (read my adventure in getting rid of mushrooms).

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