Thursday, December 16, 2010

Android App Inventor Updates

I am too engrossed in my COH nowadays, especially after my violin exam. I am also pretty pissed at the people who said super nasty stuff about my app, so I have been trying to down the app for days. However Android market made some changes, so now I have to upload a high-res icon of my app, before I can down it! So I don't care anymore.

However it seems that the Android App Inventor community has become more active since the days where they issued invites only. I used it for a while, then decided that coding was easier (wtf, right?). I was reading on Mashable, that now The Android App Inventor has been opened up to everyone, so that's cool, and not  only that now you can download the source code to change. That's nice.

I did a quick visit just now. Apparently a Rutgers' undergrad class did some HCI (that's Human-Computer Interaction) apps using Android App Inventor. Have a look.  Anyway I wanted to do children games with HCI, since I used to study HCI. I am trying to feel encouraged by these guys' efforts, but it's hard. Those Android users are nasty with their comments.

Perhaps I am as nasty as Android users. Some of the undergrads, as students of HCI, don't seem to use the principles of HCI when designing their posters. The words are very small!!! *winks*

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