Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"When People are Extroverted I will be extroverted..."

I had been asking the interviewee whether she is an extroverted person or introverted person. I know it is a lame question. But I was interested in her reaction. Rather than listening to her answer, I was wondering if she would be thrown off. Esp since she was expecting me to continue hitting technical questions. We need someone who can think on her feet because we do a lot of presentations.

She asked me what did introverted mean? Ok... 

After I explained, she said and I quote "When people are extroverted, I will be extroverted. When people are introverted, I will be introverted."

I was like ... So what are you huh?

I see an interview as a date between two or more strangers. The interviewers are likely persons whom you will end up working with, one way or another. It's all about the chemistry, and getting to know each other. If nothing's there, no harm done, it's been an interesting afternoon and try again elsewhere (I say this when I was devastated by Microsoft's rejection two years ago *hypocrite*)

I think it should be interesting when I start going for interviews again. It's been a while. I wonder if I sound like that when I am the interviewee.

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