Saturday, December 18, 2010

Akibanana Meido Cafe Yummy Yummy Food and Beverages [closed]

When you go to a meido cafe, the most important thing is the dedicated service that a maid gives to her master or mistress (I must admit I was rather disappointed that they did not pull out any stunt for Teletubby's birthday even though I had informed them weeks ahead). Therefore the food and beverages are extremely essential in reflecting said service quality. On this aspect, the food and drinks at Akibanana meido cafe were visually appealing, and thoughtful, though flavour-wise requires much restraint on the cook's part.

My Zettai Katsu came with a loving message and a cute Akibanana flag (where the hell did it go?), but very dry. The deepfried chicken skin was fantastic! The maid drew a cute message on Miss Piggy's omurice, and I am not even sure why they have seaweed in Teletubby's curry. The drinks were certainly very lovingly decorated but they were exceedingly sweet. And they used real bananas in Teletubby's drink, but used the wrong kind which has this nasty "siap siap" chalky aftertaste.

As mentioned, I retaliated for the siewmai juju with a very thoughtful message on Teletubby's cake. I had emailed the cafe earlier on the message I wanted, and then I forgot to take a picture of the cake itself. Silly me. I only had photos of the birthday boy with his cake. 
Akibanana is now apparently a mobile cafe? I tried to google them after I could not find the cafe anymore when I was in the vicinity for a meeting. It turned out that we had been fortunate in our timing to try it out because the Tanjong Pagar premises closed down less than one month after we visited it. Strange how they were still trying to promote the upcoming events at the site while we were there. Perhaps the staff were caught unaware.

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