Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dragon Year at the Library

I saw that the library was giving out free angbow packets again this year, so I shamelessly dragged my long-suffering *censored* there with me. He stalked the place like a lost wraith while I perused baking books (my obsession with bread will never end, given the therapeutic pleasure I derive from pounding the dough). I think I have last year's bunny rabbit design somewhere. Must go and dig out. I realize that if the library keeps printing, one day I will have the full zodiac set. 
Sehr Goldig, nicht wahr?
In another story, I was hunting for my Essential German Grammar, because I wanted to check on the nominative, akkusative and dative (I used to complain about the gender of the German nouns but I now know that the prepositions are way NASTIER)... after checking the whole house, I went to search my library records, only to realize dummkopf me has returned the book by mistake yesterday. &%#@

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