Sunday, January 15, 2012

All is right in Nibblezwareland again

B1 punishes me for my clutter by dumping everything he finds on the floor in the nearest plastic bag he can find whenever he cleans the apartment. So while sorting out the rubbish, I discovered my missing S$50 vouchers. It is like Christmas all over again!!!

You see I was infuriated with myself for losing those vouchers some weeks ago. I had brought them along with me while I was shopping for gifts but I did not use them for others' gifts as it would be very insincere (but trust me, I was kicking myself for not doing so when I couldn't find them)

Being of sado-masochistic by nature, I spent the days thereafter mentally wailing on what I could have spent the vouchers on but now couldn't. Like "aiyah, should have bought such-and-such a thing with those vouchers."

So far I have decided that I could have spent them on:
A Pyrex loaf pan
Lots of can openers (for that dog that B1 won't let me have)
Li Lien Fung's A Daughter remembers (since B1 bought the wrong book)
A 18''X36" canvas
Acrylic paints
German books natürlich.

Now that I have gotten them back. It seems that I should have wished that they multiplied in their absence (did I mention I am also greedy?). However I do have Bär's present to spend with my 10% membership card. *Keke*

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