Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bistro Petit Salut - A Semi-leisurely Luncheon

I was pretty emo last week, so Bär treated me at Brotzeit where I got to restore my Pinkerton Bar and drink Alkoholfrei bier (I had to work after lunch, after all). I did not want him to treat me so I was embarrassed when he paid (I knew that the lunch would be quite expensive, even though we had chosen the lunch sets)
So this week I trawled through the usual local food blogs I read to find something that could match the price range, preferably western, near the office and is quite atas (I am only willing to pay well for good food and ambience). Since it is still French week (for me), I found Bistro Petit Salut.  I would have preferred Au Petit Salut, which is located at my old favorite hunting ground and I have never tried that before. But that lunch menu is a bit too eye-watering for my property-virgin self.
We walked up from Holland Ville because I had forgotten the road name. Along the way Bär commented that the area was blissfully idyllic, not like the usual Singapore. I agree, it seemed to be more laid-back.

There was a table of expat wives having a delightful lunch together *envious*. I want that kind of life, to be able to sit down with a few like-minded women who enjoy a good lunch together and share beautiful memories together. Aber finde ich noch nicht. 

I was quite bad, asking Bär to order from the pretty extensive lunch menu (usually when you go to such places, they don't give you so many options, especially the entrees. I was very pleasantly surprised to note that Bistro Petit Salut offers five options per course. How lovely! I had expected a Prix Fixe menu), instead of ala carte.

The waiter brought us some nicely toasted baguette slices, which we enjoyed with butter (I later mistook the butter as sauce for my main course as hollandaise sauce because it had melted, and I thought the waiter had cleared the bread basket *haha*).

 I ordered the duo of sausage with rillete because I love mesclun salad!!! I hate lettuce though, unless for Korean BBQ, while Bär ordered the Salade Lyonnais, which came with a poached egg. Both tasted great, a nice opening for the meal.
But Bär asked me, why are the main courses taking so long. I was like, eh, it's like that, they usually pace the meal so that you can enjoy your company and wine between courses. I have to admit that I was quite rude later, trying to get the wait staff to serve our final courses faster *bad girl*, because it was getting late and we had to rush back to the office.
I call my catch of the day the french portion. Still, it was slightly friendlier than the salmon I had at Le Petit Cuisine, and I discovered that I love butter poached beetroots (versus the usual beetroot jus my parents force on me) after being initially horrified to see them hiding under the fish...Bär had suggested that I choose the beef, but after noting the word "minute", I didn't want to take the risk, in case it was french portioned (I was imagining a cup size). Bär commented that his chicken was rather tasteless. I tried, and thought the flavor was mostly on the skin, and that the chicken was moist, and that the chicken was dull to be a perfect foil for the bacon bits (which tasted like Chinese bakwa). 
 We spent the most effort choosing our desserts. I prefer the Japanese version of cheesecake over the American kind, but I wondered how the French kind would be like. I was envisioning something similar to the Japanese kind because the Japanese totally imitate the French patisserie when it comes to their baking.

Bär's crumble was a bit burnt on the top, but he enjoyed the slices of baked pineapple. I was suddenly reminded of last Christmas celebration at House. My cheesecake came out looking Amerikaner, but was thankfully light and fluffy. 

The wait staff were quite attentive, even though the restaurant was very busy even on a Friday afternoon. They noted that the table was shaky while we were ordering lunch, and came back to fit a cardboard disc under the table. I apologize for being in such a hurry =D. Next to us, one of the expat wives brought out a basket of muffins which Bär later commented that she must have stolen the idea from the cooking school we passed by. I was thinking they were probably students of a cooking school, or their children must go to the same school, because they seem to be of all nationalities (mostly dark-skinned, thus proving a stereotype *hehe*). Anyway I thought they were all very cute, and my eyes nearly popped out when I turned and saw one African mommy with very low hanging fruit. Bär made the comment she was very comfortable in her own skin. I thought she wore her slip out.

I will definitely come back again but when I have more time to spare. =]

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