Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pipping Hot Remedy for a Cold Dezember Afternoon

I wanted to make chicken pot pie. I reminded B1 to remind me to take the readymade puff pastry from Phoon Huat's cold food section when it was time to leave. I remembered that the pastry thawed very quickly and it would be a nasty problem trying to separate the sheets. 
In the end both of us forgot, until we were at the Night Market and already too far from the supermarket (I did a lot of shopping yesterday for presents, including Kari's *winks*). So I went back today and got it myself together with cornmeal which I needed to bake my crusty french bread.

Hmm I did not know what was the temperature I should set for the oven. I almost forgot that this was my new microwave and not the temperamental bitch of an electric oven we have at home. So in the end I set the oven too high and too long. oopz. We do have a microwave at home but for some reason the electric one gives a better crust so I often have to suffer its idiosyncrasies.

Luckily for some reason I decided to check the baking process and thankfully I did, as you can see, it was slightly burnt on the top. Sigh. Reminder to self: 10 min is fine. 

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