Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Munchies - Agio Olio mit poached egg

I stayed over at the new house by myself. Some sort of rehabilitation. Trying to get used to the house before moving. I ended up sleeping with my sloppy doggie for comfort.
B1 already had lunch so I made myself a late lunch during Japan Hour's commercial breaks. I used up the remaining fusilli in the cupboard in a simple agio olio and poached myself an egg using milk. I don't understand why restaurants use vinegar for poaching egg. I also read that in the french cooking book I borrowed from the library yesterday when I tried to check how to make beef bourguignon. I left the egg yolk runny so that it will cover the pasta with gooey goodness when burst. Hmm. 
I also made the droll realization that the three syllables in my coder nick can be read phonetically in Mandarin "你不饿" (You are not hungry). How apt.

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