Saturday, December 17, 2011

We H8 Pumpkin.... as much as Beetroot

Two root vegetables that we hate very much are the pumpkin and beetroot. I hate beetroot on principle because like I mentioned before, meine Eltern use it in juices which I hate. But I had a more favorable impression after trying the butter poached version at Bistro Petit Salut.

I just hate pumpkin too. I guess I hate all vegetables that are too sweet, i.e. sweeter than a carrot. However these two bloody things are cheap, especially as they are in season now. So we must be punished for the sake of the wallet. 

I don't have a wok, let alone a steamer, so I sat Mr Pumpkin on an inverted bowl in my stockpot. I was pleased with myself, thinking Mr Pumpkin will go nice and rotty and we can just dig the meat inwards from the side. Obviously I had forgotten the same principle applies to his bottom. So I encountered difficulties when I tried to lift him out of the pot later, because he had become stuck to the bowl. And... all my delicious chicken stock was leaking from his bottom. I was suddenly reminded of my Neffe.

So poor Mr Pumpkin became a stew instead of a soup because I had to make a sauce out of the leaked soup, which had become very diluted with the boiling water. I also got to try out with my new microwave oven, which I so love very very much. I baked my frozen mackerel (from Norway again. Fuck why is everything from Norway suddenly, especially when I am very annoyed with some of the people there now).

We are grateful Mr Pumpkin had that salty gravy, because his meat was still too sweet. I was trying not to gag inwardly, while B1 steadfastly refused another bite. Seriously it is like having a child sometimes, when I had to implore him to take in more of the gooey yellowness. Ewww. At 50cents, Mr Pumpkin became a culinary punishment.

I had slightly better luck with Mr Beetroot, though he refused to become soft (this is starting to sound very wrong) when I fried him in butter. So I drowned him in chicken stock, which became a plus point because I could use the literally bloody (looking) liquid as my sauce, traumatizing B1 further. Mr Oven came to the rescue and helped me kill the cow again to a merciful medium well done at 5 minutes on grill function. Btw I didn't cook the Manhattan clam chowder soup, Mr Campbell did. I just reheated it. B1 did not comment on the soup, which means he didn't recognize his favorite meat lurking among the carrots. Tsk tsk, why do I bother sometimes...

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