Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Itty Bitty Pancakes masquerading as Cupcakes

I bought this at the John Little sale next door while we were at Expo for the electronics sale. Like I said before, I had gotten the sushi maker set from the same Megahouse series two years ago.

I was incredulous that the box promises so many components. Will there be that many things inside the small box, as shown? A mixer, a cupcake stand, cupcake holders, pipping bags? Actually I have been looking for a cupcake stand, but they are very expensive. Psst, I bought this because I love the cupcake stand. Keke.
Oh yes it does...just that everything is itty bitty. It even comes with tiny teacups and saucers *love~!*
Ingredients + setup
Realized 3 5 (thanks MB for pointing out) things:
1) Turned out B1's Japanese is even worse than my German. He protested that he hadn't practised for a while (major sin in my eyes, maybe I should yank out the wire when he plays BF3). What he could tell me was that the toy expects you to use a cake mix. WTF.

2) I have no weighing machine. My Winnie the Pooh Japanese tea cup leapt to the rescue again. So far it helps me measure rice and  now flour. Hasn't held actual tea yet...

3) I got a recipe for basic cupcakes, because I didn't have my usual more advanced recipes with me. I realized later that I was pouring what essentially was a pancake batter into cupcake holders. 

4) This bloody toy is built for Japanese market (full stop). ZERO English instructions. It wasn't that bad for the sushi maker but became a huge problem when I wanted to bake the cakes. I had already preheated the oven at the lowest temperature available, 150 degree Celsius. But common sense and staring very hard at the Japanese instructions in pink (for fuck) told me that those itty bitty cups wouldn't last in that heat. They can only withhold 90 degrees Celsius, AND I am only supposed to use the Microwave function AND that the cups are only supposed to go in for 2min and 40 secs tops. 

5) I used a colander as a sift for the flour..

I was blasting 92.4FM (classical music station) as usual. I cook while listening to that channel because it doesn't report news (while I am cooking. The news make my blood boil) and it puts me in a lovely frame of mind while looking in the fridge. In between contemplating my evil stare (it read "I am going to yank out the PS3 if you don't tell me something more useful than my Japanese isn't very good"), B1 commented that I was "very cultured leh, baking while listening to classical music". Eigentlich I was a bit mad because 92.4FM played "Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence" only after I finished baking. I almost shrieked like a banshee moments later in the kitchen, because I realize I was living out the fantasy of 我们这一家橘子.

I had some leftover cream from my Sojabohnen Eis experiment. So with that, flour, butter, sugar and milk, I essentially made a simple pancake batter. The toy was cute, but spinning that bloody thing was ineffectual. I took out my trusty S$2 Daiso whisk, and beat that batter senseless.

I gingerly placed one cup in as a sacrificial tester, and was relieved to see the mixture bubble and rise in the microwave in 2 miraculous minutes. Cute. No other mishaps other than one of the blueberries I chucked in was blown up into the sky (i.e. oven ceiling). 
High tea mit Milch *haha*
I was too eager to take photos, so I dumped my whipped cream onto the cakes which promptly melted it. Haha. Thankfully I only made 8 because B1 refused to eat more than 3, even though I threatened him no dinner unless he ate the last one. 
So adore the bunny pokers. 絶対かわいい!!!!

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