Monday, December 5, 2011

Dungeon Mistress

This is my favorite outfit at the Victoria's Secret Show 2011. There is just something I love about black polka dotted underwear against that white lace and pink gloves. Check out the rest from The Superficial.

I think this outfit is very cute for a dungeon mistress. Yes, I know that dungeon mistresses usually wear latex and leather. But won't it be cuter when it is soft and pretty, and the victim will be misled into thinking that the mistress is kind? That makes the punishment even more exciting, won't it?

& why do I bring up the topic of a dungeon mistress? This is because Jemand and I are very stressed at work despite it being Christmas soon. So during a discussion break, we came up with a lot of wild ideas on what is our ideal job? Needless to say, anything that is stress-free, no-brainer and enjoyable. Jemand spent most of his time tapping on his culture for pretty hilarious jobs, and initially we agreed that maybe it was best to work at McDonald's.

Then later while typing away on my keyboard, I realized that was a super bad idea because customers can be catty and pushy. So the best job is actually a dungeon mistress. 5 simple reasons:
(1) I can tell the victim what to do (huge plus point).
(2) The victim is always respectful, obeys your every order and still calls you "mistress" *haha*
(3) You get paid for having a wild imagination.
(4) A free outlet for your frustrations. No need to play CoH anymore.
(5) No need for regular office hours. Even OT is fun.

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