Sunday, December 4, 2011

La Petite Cuisine

Just wanted to prove a point to my friend Kari, aka MB. I think there are some affordable french eateries in Singapore, La Petite Cuisine being one of them (another one is the French Stall, which I still cannot find *haha*). I forgot that I had the photos for them (sometimes I forget whether I blogged stuff, thanks to the sheer volume I write and too many photographic sources).

We went here some Fridays ago for dinner. I had wanted to go to the Tierney Gourmet supermarket at Serene Centre. I did not realize that they closed down already. Other than the eateries, the place is kind of a dead mall.  But business at this little cafe was very vibrant. There were people waiting for tables. We chose to sit near the kitchen, where I had an interesting view of the adorable man swiftly and surely run multiple little frying pans on the stove at the same time.

Amazing isn't it? I can't even do two pots properly without either pot boiling over. I am usually also cutting stuff, I should complete my mis en place earlier, but there is always a clove of garlic that is waiting to go in...
The prices are similar to that of Jack's place and other mid-priced eateries. Psst, the portion could be larger though, but the waiters will probably excuse this as French cooking. I prefer French country cooking though. Which reminds me I am going to cook Beef Bourguignon this weekend!
I liked the cream sauce that came with my salmon. Hated the poor murdered spinach though. I am no Popeye. If that is how he eats it, no wonder he has such a tiny waist...I kind of regretted not choosing B1's steak. though it looks kind of thin. Eating steak with mustard is a tad unusual, methinks. I am used to Bearnaise sauce.

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