Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I was walking towards the bus stop yesterday when I saw a very sexy lady sitting, back facing me, on a road safety obstacle. Her hair was dyed brown with streaks of golden honey, but it was one of those classy jobs and not a DIY hack job. And her body, even from where I was standing, was pretty magnificient. She was wearing a tight-fitting black dress that hugged her like a glove. As we would say in Mandarin she was  "该大的大,该小的小" (what should be big is big, what should be small is small), tiny waist, perky boobs, tight butt and long legs. I was drooling *it appears I am in my lesbian phase again* and stole stares at her in between rifling through my bag for my wallet.

She suddenly got up and stalked towards me.

That was when I realized, the human skin is the most unforgiving organ in the body. Even though she looks like a twenty year old, ripe-for-the-plucking from the shoulder down, there was no way to ignore the ravages of time on her face. It was blotchy, and scary, you know when women wear makeup heavily and daily, their faces harden to a pretty scary expression...

I was shocked enough to return to wallet hunting immediately.

Later I looked towards the direction of the bus and saw a middle aged uncle paddling towards us on his bicycle. He was also ogling at the lady, whose back was towards him (again?!). Just then she turned and I could see the uncle flinch visibly, and his bicycle was a bit wobbly. He hurriedly cycled past her without another look.

I guess the disappointment is always all the greater when people have developed some preconceived ideals about someone's looks.

I smsed Bär about it. He replied with three words.

"God is fair."

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