Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Company of Heroes is dying

Everyday there are lesser and lesser people playing. I don't even stay up anymore except on Friday and Saturday nights. What is most annoying is that that stupid game persists in deleting some of the people in my friends list, leading to some awful misunderstandings, where we accuse each other of commiting the deletion.

Whatever is the case, I am glad that I can at least correspond with Herrmann und MB, and maybe email some of the others (though they do not respond *roll eyes*. So many people have Facebook accounts, but I am so lucky to have friends who are as paranoid as me about the privacy on the Internet. zzz).

I am also having a lot of problems installing CoH on my new pc. I have the licence keys but where the f are all the discs, especially the Tales of Valor!!! Maybe I should just install NeverwinterNights and just play that, since I have the entire set on hand... zzz.

Goodbye Franz, Otto and Emil, and hello to Caprice (my Sorceress profile *haha*).

Btw I hate my name. It is so bourgeois, until yesterday, I called someone and asked why haven't you sent me the document. He said "oh I sent to the wrong [my name]." WTF. Even Nonick asked me if I was lying about my name. No unfortunately it is written in my birth certificate (with my very unique Chinese name). Meine Eltern did not put in as much effort into thinking up my name as they did for Bruder.

No wonder I came up with some really wild stuff when my cousin and I were thinking of English names for ourselves (she doesn't have any, so she can do whatever she wants). Initially she called herself Patricia which I thought was super lame and old-sounding, but later she called herself Chelsea, which I totally love and still call her that now.

Primary school -> Luciana
Secondary school -> Kayleigh Amanda Cheyenne (I alternate the C with the romantic version of my horrible name) Vardin. I was very into reading classical novels at the time.
Junior college -> *don't have*
Now -> Natasha (I am not sure why I am so into the letter N now).

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