Friday, December 30, 2011

Singirl - My Big Fat Singaporean Butt

Everytime I think that I komme aus eine langweilige Nation, I come across something that makes me go "WTF?" 

First of all, the display at the Singapore Art Museum is getting increasingly creepy and scary. Yesterday they were doing installations at the first and second floor (remember I missed out on one of the showings, because we were trapped at Orchard Road, two Fridays ago?) but 8Q was having the Amanda Heng showing. Oh Amanda Heng you are a very intriguing woman, but I cannot understand your art, sorry...but I found something that Bär will totally get. Hahaa.

B1 reached earlier than me, because the bloody bus driver did not tell me where to get off and I missed the stop even though I had pressed the bell and had to walk back all the way from bloody Capitol (the poor building that is now going to be destroyed. My government has no appreciation for architecture). He pulled me to this display and said there was a sign that is asking only Singaporean women above age 18 to participate. He asked "take part, take part" eagerly.

Being a naturally paranoid person, I walked around the side, and discovered the reason for the quest...
Is this considered as distributing porn on my blog? But then again I have put worse stuff here.
They call this the Singirl project

I note that most of them are young butts because they have tans from wearing bikini bottoms. This is kind of weird and disturbing. The only difference between this and an uncle who loves to take secret up-skirt photos is that this project gets willing participants. I wonder what happens  if a panty-loving uncle asks for participants who want to take part in an upskirt project. Hmmm. In the love of "art" natürlich.

If you are looking for my butt on the website, don't bother. =]

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