Friday, December 16, 2011

A different kind of Picnic

Since I "live so near Orchard" (I already did, it's just that it is even more accessible now), it has become sort of my favorite playground. Yes Borders is gone forever (which is a bitch because now I want to find American books), and so is my beloved Orchard library. But there is still Kinokuniya, where I bitchily read all the gossip magazines for free, dodging the dedicated and equally detemined store guy as he deliberately arranges the display near me whenever he thinks I have read enough, before buying books from other sections *keke*. And I always pay in full sight from his counter, which can't make me his favorite person.
As I wander through Takashimaya, I notice that there is a new eatery, Pique Nique, that replaced McDingdongs. It looks pretty atas and has a very nice layout and ambience, which I like. So when Bär und ich waren Weihnachtschenken shopping, I suggested having lunch there. Of course I had researched the place before I had gone, and learnt that their service isn't very good  and neither was their mac and cheese.
So of course I must try it. Borrowing heavily on the French aesthetic, Pique Nique has a useless but unique tree like pillar in the middle, obviously an intriguing play on the idea of picnicking under a tree. The botak waiter has a bo-chup face, the bland expression he used a lot when taking orders (which left us wondering if he got whatever we were asking for), but service was prompt, which I love especially for time-strapped lunch. Th cute tall waiter brought the Bär his burger earlier because I had already started munching down mine, even though he was missing his fries. Mr Botak Waiter quickly followed up with a whole plate of fries. Nice.
My Shinjuku Incident burger was not bad, despite my wondering how Shinjuku is this? Quite juicy, even though the patty was torn. Hello, I will check, even if you camouflage it with a runny egg *like*. I love the thick slices of tomato. Actually, I think I can probably match/beat this in quality with my own homemade burgers, but it's really not bad.

The Bär came up with a theory with why the cocoa was not sweet. It is so that the marshmallow cloud (yes, it was literally shaped like one *so very love*) would melt and gooey-sweetify the drink. Yum yumz. Obwohl I would much rather chew on the cloud.
I bought some of the cookies to give to Miss Lovely. She is the sweetest nicest person I have ever met which means that she is always being taken advantage of. Her goodness shines through, literally.  If I were a lesbian/man (whichever miracle that happens first), she would so be the woman I want to marry. I wish I could have half her patience and sweetness, but my inner kitty still goes nuts and scratches me now and then to remind me how catty I am.

Hehe. This is the kind of pique nique I am more familiar with...
Pique Nique
391A Orchard Road
#B1-01/02 Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Ngee Ann City Tower A, Singapore
Tel: +65 6238 6705
Daily: 10am – 9.30pm

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