Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Tree Obsession

I used to have a christmas tree as a child, and that tree represented something precious to me. However when I was a teenager, Mutter gave the tree away to my aunt (On hindsight, I felt it was a punishment to me for not putting up the tree, when told to do so). 

I wanted that tree back, but I think that ship has sailed. Recently B1 decided to get us a Christmas tree as well (though I think in his case, it was the first time property owner sentimentality that overcame him). We checked out the real ones before he was alerted to a groupon deal for a fake one. We could tell the tree was unsold stock from yesteryear because the box had so much dust on it. But it is ok.

Swept up in enthusiasm after putting up the tree, I decided to hand make some Christmas ornaments to go with the tree and the little toys and handphone accessories that I have already put up among the branches (handphone accessories go so well as christmas tree ornaments too *haha*). I even rushed out of work to buy some materials to cover the ugly metal legs, that is how obsessed I am. 

So while getting frustrated over being unable to patch my Company of Heroes game in the new computer, and even failing to login (seriously, I can login to the other one with no problem, so what is wrong with my username and password *bloody annoyed*), I have been distracting myself with making lots of cute little ornaments like this reindeer one. 

I will upload a photo of the full set when I am done. 

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