Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday Munchies 12 - Fun with Sushi

Remember that I got a child-friendly sushi maker at the AFA09?

Well,  yesterday being Saturday and all, I decided to make sushi. Not before making the hapless Town Mouse chase all over NTUC looking for my slighly more exotic sushi ingredients, jelly fish, chuka hotate, crab stick, zucchini (dear boy bought me organic zucchini, because he couldn't find the usual GM kind *haha*), pickled radish and stuff, while I burnt my pot of carefully prepared rice (because I was too lazy to watch the fire, and went back to play the no-brainer yet addictive Delicious - Emily's Holiday Season).

I made some miso soup with radish and kelp, in case the sushi turned out to be disgusting.

The first roll made by my sushi maker.

Despite the mishap, there was plenty of rice left, unfortunately Town Mouse didn't want to eat much because he was so starved he ate Vater's leftover chicken (from his chicken puff pie endeavour the previous day) before I could finish cutting everything. So there was a lot of rice left, so I made some pressed fried rice. Haha, I call it pressed fried rice, because I actually stacked up everything in the bento box then remembered that I hadn't taken a photo yet... Please ignore the disgusting piece of seaweed lying like a carcase on the rice. It insults my sense of aesthetic, but was dumped on by Mutter who couldn't stand waste. If it had been me, I would have made a lovely .i. shape of it. Keke.

This reminds me, I bought some udon noodles for my breakfast, and I haven't used it yet!!!

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