Monday, November 9, 2009

Sperm Buddy == Eskimo Brother???

I was told by a friend that two men who had shared a vagina is called sperm buddies.

But I now learn that sperm buddies == eskimo brothers as I was watching the League. Speaking about The League, it is quite raunchy and obvious, the kind of humor I appreciate. A fine example would be the Birthday Song, Uncle Taco sings at his five year old niece's birthday party (embedding disabled). Priceless. Here's a variation, but basically the same haha.

While looking up the term, I encountered a lovely HTTP Fake AV Redirect Request 2. Google, thanks for providing this dubious site .i. (I learnt this from my brother). Remember to block this url, everyone. FYI, the above loves to pretend to be a legitimate security can click on the full definition from Symantec provided above.

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