Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Go Go Away

Google, already the world's biggest Open Source provider, is continuously moving away from relying on other platforms by either buying them (E.G. Google Voice) or building their own (E.G. Chrome). In fact, why won't Google? With so many servers and talented programmers (who have to spend 20% of their time coming up with new initiatives), it would be a matter of time before they do so anyway, better and faster. Especially since Oracle has acquired Sun Java and MySQL (is Google going to come up with its own relational DB???).
So now, surprise, surprise, they come up with a new programming language called Go. Complete with a buck-toothed gopher called Gordon... haha. He is very cute, even if the name, its mascot and his name, are very predictable. Gordon looks like he is sneaking off somewhere doesn't he? A slacker after my heart. Hahah.
Hey Google, while you are at it, could you build a development toolset for Go as well? I have been too pampered by Eclipse.

Advantages include multicore processing (i.e. running many tasks in //), tighter garbage collection with a supposedly very fast compilation time. It's supposed to be similar to C and C++ *puke*.
Witness Go's compilation in motion:

I wouldn't be surprised if one day Google intends to build its own version of Facebook. Oh wait, that's Google Wave. I only pray that they don't change Android from Java platform to entirely Go. Faint. Think I better have a look before they switch...

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