Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lazy Asian Flavour Baked Salmon lunch

I forgot to take a shot, but the family seemed to enjoy the lunch yesterday, and also my friend wanted the actual recipe (I had cooked an abbreviated version some months ago at another friend's house, due to lack of ingredients).

Lazy Asian Flavor Baked Salmon
One slab of salmon
Lots of garlic
At least one tuber of ginger (to disguise any nasty fishy smell)
Oyster sauce
soya sauce
some butter

Pulse the ingredients together and smear it all over the salmon. Sit the salmon skin-up on a baking sheet or pan (no need to oil the pan, if you had added the butter). Baked at 200 C for 30 min.

Served with steamed peas, Japanese-style (checking through websites, I realise now that Japanese-style means lots of Kewpie mayo and not much else) mashed potatoes (boiled potatoes and one carrot mashed with lots of milk and butter, peppered and salted liberally before mixing with fresh cut cucumber), tomato and cheese omelette.

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