Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Munchies 11 - Reexaming the steak

I think this is my third attempt at cooking a decent steak. Am starting to wish for a grill, instead of making do with me ole frying pan. I had initially wanted to attempt a grilled marinated steak, after reading about it in the Dishing with the Kitchen Virgin, where Susan talked about the Southern men and their love of grill.

We went to NTUC to buy two 200gm Angus Ribeye. The guy behind the counter almost conned B1 into buying Wagyu Ribeye, but I grabbed his arm. At the discounted price of almost S$11 per 100gm, it will come up to at least S$44 for two steaks!!

If I were sure I could pull off a decent steak, I'd dare to try. But looking at my current level, it looks more a desecration of really good material. A bit like the Tochigi Wagyu being ground into hamburger. B1 and I were flabbergasted at the audacity of the Japanese to turn such good meat into mince, as we were tucking into dinner later while watching Japan Hour. B1 reasoned that it could be because the ladies were getting the cheapest cuts of the meat in their set lunch, therefore the hamburger. I wasn't too sure. Marbled beef, cheapest or not, would still be of better quality than our Angus, I thought.

Anyway we had an overload of Shitake mushrooms as the spore-loving B1 wanted mushrooms and I wanted steak. So what better than Steak with garlicky Shitake gravy? Served up with mashed potatoes (looks like my craving for the mash ain't ended) and salad dressed with an Asian-flavour vinaigrette.

I also used up the remainder of the mushrooms in a soup. I don't think I want to see another Shitake for at least a fortnight.

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