Thursday, November 26, 2009

Maid Momoko offers her penciled Love

I was inspired by my rewrite on the maid cafe experience that the moment I woke up I drew a new little girl in pink. This is the second time I am drawing in pencil after Gordon the Gopher. I was told by one of my colleagues when I showed her my earlier version (as seen above in the header, and was drawn in Microsoft Paint) that she wasn't emoting enough like those real Japanese drawing >.<. But as typical as beginners go, I realized my booboo after I finished that I should have drawn from left to right to spare the pencil mark smudging...Anyway I decided to upload her before I start coloring.

Isn't it so coincidental that I decided to name my little girl as Momoko, when pink in Japanese means Momoiro, 桃色? Keke.

I realised stupidly after staring at the picture more closely that Momoko's arms seems long, almost reaching her feet. While it would be desirable for sit-and-reach, she probably resembles an Orang Utan...An especially bad idea since I am not trying to dedicate to our beloved Ah Meng.

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